In order to find the prodromes of Art, the term σκιαγραφία (skiagraphia) may refer, in Athenagoras of Athens to the art of “drawing shadows“. In a similar way, Pliny  (Nat. hist., XXXV, 15) traces the origins of painting back to the activity of some artists in Corinth; He talks about the art of drawing lines round the human shadow: «umbra hominis lineis circumducta».

Two men (without shadow)

This image is nothing but a studio exercise. Even so, I can’t help noticing how the man and his shadow seem to be in a different mood. Actually, the shadow seems to talk to someone: a third – invisible – character; Who?

Umbra hominis lineis circumducta

Other images implying shadows

Puppet Theatre


Not To Be Reproduced (La reproduction interdite) – After Magritte

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