Pentagons… and streaks

First I unplugged the lens and through the viewfinder of my camera I discovered a different reality. Shapes seemed to be freely created by light. As soon as I began to play with those visions, that attracted my fantasy, I noticed how any imperceptible movement of my camera could result in a completely different image.

Shapes, I thought, were like puppets. And I could have them dance for me… or stand still, maybe for a while, whenever I held my breath. It was an ephemeral poetry; and I find it so exciting to tell what I found through the looking glass.

One of the first and foremost skills satisfactions a photographer can achieve is closely related to his ability to be understood by understand light.


Sometimes, lights act like shadows.

It is the everlasting struggle between Good and Evil.

Just like a pin, or a sword…

A Midwinter Sunrise…